St. John’s Cathedral HIV Education Centre





Elijah FUNG, Manger



The year 2006 has been a busy year for all of us at the HIV Education Centre. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly highlight some of the important activities that have been conducted.





1.1. The project for the Asian Migrant Workers is thriving, and the request for educational programmes is growing. During the year, a total number of 60 activities were held for more than 3,000 Asian Migrant Workers in different venues including shelters, consulate, and Victoria Park. Several large AIDS seminars were conducted at the Indonesian Consulate for the Indonesian Migrant Workers. Additionally, we have also printed and distributed educational materials such as calendars and bookmarks to these workers during outreaching activities.

Seminar for Asian Migrant Workers






Participants at the AIDS Festival 2006



The theme of the “AIDS Festival 2006” was “Health is Wealth, Care about AIDS!”  More than a thousand Hong Kong citizens attended the third “AIDS Festival” which took place at Chater Road Pedestrian Precinct on 26th March 2006


Fourteen groups from different ethnic backgrounds participated.  Exhibits were set up to promote AIDS awareness. The opening ceremony was officiated by the Very Revd Dean Andrew Chan of St. John’s Cathedral; Ms. Shirley Chan, Senior Programme Officer, Race Relations Unit of the Home Affairs Bureau; Ms. Dorlores T. Balladares, Chairperson of the United Filipinos in Hong Kong; Professor Chen Char-nie, JP, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS; Mr. Alfred H. M. Tsang, Lieut-Colonel, Officer Commanding of the Salvation Army Hong Kong & Macau Command; Mr. Nugroho Y. Aribhimo, Consul of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia; Ms. Alice Chan, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Coalition of AIDS Services Organizations; Mr. Lakshan Dias, Adviser of the Association of Sri Lankan in Hong Kong; Dr. Joseph Chan, Patron of the HIV Education Centre and Ms. Elijah Fung, the Coordinator of the AIDS Festival.


It was followed by the outstanding performance delivered by Mr. Gill Mohinderpaul Singh (a locally born Indian, renowned as Q Bo Bo by his fans). Students from the Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong and other ethnic performers presented dances from Asia to Latin America.  Participants attended the Festival included Filipinos, Thais, Indonesians, Sri Lankans, Nepalese and local Chinese.





The school youth project is growing vigorously.  Debby busily networks with both primary and secondary schools, and develops a series of activities to cater the ever growing needs of the youths. We have conducted 40 workshops for 4,200 students.





“State of Health of Migrants 2005” report launched


Since 2004, the Centre has been working with CARAM Asia (Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility in Asia) and 11 CARAM Asia Partner NGOs in 12 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam) to review the laws and policies pertaining the international labour migration and health, and to conduct a primary research with migrant workers and relevant stakeholders in the effort to gather first hand information on migrant workers’ access to health in Asia region.  The “State Of Health of Migrants 2005” report was firstly launched at the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada, August 2006.  In the country level, our Centre launched the Hong Kong’s part of the report on the 17th of December on the eve of the International Migrants’ Day at the Chater Road Pedestrian Precinct in Central. Additionally, the findings were also well covered in the local press.


In November 2006, our Centre participated in the second round of the regional research initiated by CARAM Asia and its partners. The aim of this second round of SoH action research is to evaluate harmful practices of mandatory testing and to look at laws, policies and services on access to treatment and care of migrants and the role testing has to improve or hamper the health outcomes of migrants. We estimate that the project will be completed in mid of 2007, and the regional report will be launched at the ICAAP in Colombo, Sri Lanka.




During the year, two fund-raising activities were held.  In August, the Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir and Comrades in Arms Male Voice Choir presented “A Festival of Welsh Music”, and the concert was conducted by the world renowned conductor, Alwyn Humphreys MBE. Over $40,000 was raised for the Centre.


Another major fund-raising event, “The Red Ribbon Night 2006” was held on the eve of World AIDS Day (1 December) at The Helena May. Guests of Honour included Ms. Kao Ching-Chi, Sophia, JP, Chairperson of Women’s Commission, Mr. Mick Kavanagh, President of Rotary Club of Queensway, The Revd Dorothy Lau, JP, Director of The H.K.S.K.H. Welfare Council, Dr. Joseph Chan and Canon Li Fook Hing, OBE.  


During the evening, the Centre launched the 10th anniversary VCD featuring performances from the well renowned musician, Mr Ernesto Corpus, and the Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir. Then, there was a photo exhibition showing activities the Centre has been involved in recent years. A series of classical and modern music was played by students of Li Po Chun United World College, South Island School and the famous singer, Mr. Francis Wong. Thank you to all donors and supporters, a total amount of $150,000 was raised.




“A Festival of Welsh Music”                       Guests officiated the Red Ribbon Night 2006




Collaboration with regional partners continues to expand and thrive. We participated at the following conferences:



“HIV/AIDS Interfaith Consultation” April 3-6, 2006

YMCA International Centre, Katunagake, Sri Lanka


“16th International Conference on AIDS”, Toronto, Canada, 11-16 August 2006


“AMAN Assembly 2006 and International Interfaith Peace Forum

15-18 November 2006, Islamic State University, Jakarta, Indonesia


CCA’s HIV and AIDS Strategic Task Force Meeting

12 – 13 July, 2006:   Crystal Springs Guest House, Chiang Mai


Pre-Conference Consultation of ICAAP-8 organized by CCA in Colombo on 8th/9th Dec., 2006


AINA training in Chiangrai during Dec 11-17, 2006.



Photo taken at the AIDS Conference, Toronto, Canada        Interfaith Conference in Sri Lanka


5.   WORLD AIDS DAY 2006

Around forty million people are living with HIV throughout the world - and that number increases in every region every day. In the Hong Kong alone, more than 3,000 people are living with HIV. Ignorance and prejudice are fuelling the spread of a preventable disease. World AIDS Day, 1 December is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. To stop the spread of HIV and end prejudice, we have organized the following activities:




Central & Western District Health Festival, 24th-26th November 2006


Production of World AIDS Day Liturgy


World AIDS Sunday Radio Broadcast, RTHK on 3rd December 2006


Raising AIDS Awareness – World AIDS Day Celebration at the Indonesian Consulate on 3rd December 2006


As a conclusion, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our donors, supporters, the Board of Directors, volunteers and staff. They have been very supportive and generous in many ways.